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Brining the Wild West to a small town near you. Every item is hand picked to create versatile pieces to stand out in a crowd. 

Howdy, welcome to Southern Sass Western Boutique! My name is Kenzee, and I am the store owner and founder of Southern Sass Western Boutique. I believe that with the right styling of clothing and accessories, everyone can feel and look their best, and I'm here to help! I believe everyone can create their own personal style and feel their best in Southern Sass Western. 

Adding flair to raise the bar for home decor. I'm happy to say that Southern Sass Western will bring a variety of high quality items to add a ranch-style comfort to your home. It includes everything from bedding, kitchenware, bathroom accessories, and more. 

I appreciate each and every order that comes through. Everyone who shops with Southern Sass Western are more than just a buyer for my store, they become part of our herd. I I put in effort to ensure every customer has a rememberable experience with Southern Sass Western. 

I hope each of you find an outfit that makes you confident and feel beautiful! 


Kenzee Arndt

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